Golden Gryphon has been supplying fun and educational programs since 2004. As we stay current with curriculum changes, this year we are including a new Haudenosaunee component to our program.

Our current ½-day program gives an overview and an introduction to Ancient Civilizations and Medieval studies. It is well designed as an introduction to the Ancient World or as an exciting culminating activity. If you book this program, this is what you can expect.

When your class arrives in the gymnasium, we will have them seated in groups according to their civilization. There will be 6 people groups representing Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Mayan, Roman, and Medieval European. Costumes will be supplied for each child. I will be welcoming the class dressed as Lady Adelle from the Renaissance time period. I will do an introduction of the civilization groups by showing their location on the map. I will be introducing each group and the students will have an opportunity to talk about their role in society. The groups will subsequently travel to 6 different stations, spending about 20 minutes at each one.


Here the children will enjoy a Roman chariot ride, see a Chinese kite, a Haudenosaunee La Crosse stick and tin and cup game and be exposed to an Egyptian Board game (Senet), plus play a Mesopotamian musical instrument and practice Archery.

 Knowledge and Achievements

The students will learn about the implications of the Mesopotamian wheel, feel silk and hear about its significance, experience a Roman aqueduct, discover the importance of the Medieval printing press, and come to an understanding of the Mayan calendar and the Haudenosaunee fishing Weir. The hands-on activity will be writing their initials in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

 Weapons and Armour

There will be a chronological demonstration of armour and weapons with many hands-on experiences. A true highlight.


Here the children learn about the significance of each civilization’s religion. At the end of this session the students will play the Mayan ball game Pok A Tok.


A replica of the Great Wall of China, Haudenosaunee Long House and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon will be on display. At this station, the children will have an opportunity to build an Egyptian pyramid, a Mayan temple, a Roman amphitheatre, or stage a battle scene with a Medieval castle and catapult.

 Food and Agriculture

At this station, children will find samples of food and examples of agricultural techniques. They will be encouraged to put  appropriate food items into a basket reserved for each civilization.


The last part of the program will be a Medieval Feast where you, the teacher, will preside over the festivities as King or Queen. Rules of the castle will be announced and punishments will be given to the rule breakers. The menu will consist of roast chicken, glazed carrots, fresh bread, and wine (grape juice), all served on gleaming stainless steel. The dessert is a gingerbread shield.

Allow 4 hours for the total experience. It is available for $20 which includes H.S.T. Mileage fees are 50 cents per km. This program provides excellent value for the students, no bus cost or travelling time. A memorable experience that is hands on and engaging.

For this program, I will need 6 mature volunteers for supervising stations. These assistants will then be honoured as they are seated at the head table with the King or Queen for the feast. There is no charge for teachers and the 6 volunteers.  Maximum size for this event is 60 participants.



**Please Note: All volunteers will be considered museum guides and therefore are required to be confident and mature adult volunteers with excellent communication skills. This is vital to the success of the program. If you are unable to provide this please consider the medieval program.


Program Package Cost Per Person Program Time

 (In Hours)

Time Needed For Gym Use (In Hours) Maximum # of Students Volunteers Necessary
Ancient. Civilization Program : Costumes, Stations, and feast $20 4 8 6o 6
Ancient Civilization Costumes & Stations $12 3 7 6o 6
Ancient Civilization Stations Only $10 2 5.5 60 6
Medieval Program $15            2.5 6 110 0

**Please Note: Before our time of arrival all tables and chairs will need to be set up according to our preparation page instructions which are found  here

I would love to hear from you. Please use our registration form found here.

If you are still not sure, please read what Ann Edwards from St.Charles Catholic School had to say:

“What a fantastic day! The students learned so much, and it was all based on the Ontario Curriculum. The costumes that the children wore were beautiful. The activities were very
hands­ on, and made the children feel like they were really back in time. They particularly enjoyed seeing and wearing the various pieces of armour and the actual chariot ride was
so much fun for them. They experienced writing hieroglyphs and got to take them home with them. The Medieval feast was wonderful. The kids loved it. During the meal the
students took part in some skilled competition, which was very exciting. I would highly recommend this presentation/activity to any age student. Every student loved it and couldn’t
stop talking about it.”

Book early to avoid disappointment!


Event Reviews
S. SlinnLaurie Hawkins
So wonderful to compare different civilizations. Hands on experiences will stay with them long after they’ve forgotten facts. Well done, high quality costumes and props.
Breanne Rymes, Anna Campbell, Kim PiconeDearcroft Montessori
The students enjoyed their experience with you so much! All the materials, costumes and activities made for an outstanding learning experience. The meal was the perfect way to end. We look forward to having you back and would highly recommend the experience to others.
Amandep SihraHomestead P.S.
Had a great time. Had a lot of fun with kids. It’s a fun workshop. As a volunteer we learned a lot.
L. LoftoHomestead P.S.
Very engaging variety of activities. Presenters were both very patient. The students loved the hands-on activity centres and costumes.
K. HaframboiseAnderdon P.S
Excellent presentation, services, food, and day overall. All of the parents and students said it was a fantastic day of hands-on learning. We will be sure to book your company again next year.
Lindsay AgueciVista Heights P.S.
My students LOVED the workshop. The variety of hands-on activities were great and students were engaged throughout.
J. WestMitchel Hepburn School
An incredible day for the students and staff. Amazing history lesson that covers all areas of ancient civilization. We will definitely have you back next year.
M. Medeiros & S.KingstonSt. Michael’s School of Brights Grove
The Golden Gryphon provided a fun interactive and hands on experience to learn about historical material in a fun and engaging way!I would recommend this program to anyone looking to “spice up” their social studies program!
Tina Mohr-AllenSt. Catherine of Siena
The students had an amazing time. Everything is always so organized and entertaining. Kyla’s comment, “Everything was excellent, but the chicken was very excellent!”
Sherry-Lynne KirschreAldborough
An absolutely phenomenal program! Highly interactive and engaging. It was wonderful to see the students so interested in learning. The multi-disciplinary approach enticed all students. (ex. Art- hieroglyphics, physical activity of the chariot, building the architecture, gathering the food!) So many skills were presented. The costumes were also a special part of the entire experience.
C. BrouwersRyerson PS
(comments from the students)“We enjoyed playing the games and going in the chariot.”“We loved the costumes and wish we could have worn them more.”“It’s a great learning experience.”
Lisa RaspopovNew Central PS
We are so impressed with the activities, quality of food and costumes provided.  Students were so excited about today, and it did not disappoint. I only wish it lasted all day because it was just too fun!
Jennifer WebbSt. Charles
What a great experience! Thank you for your knowledge and presentation and for including the brass rubbings!
Lisa BorgParkview P.S.
Thank you so much! I would definitely do it again!
S. SmithSt. Leo
The students had a great time. They loved trying on costumes and riding in the chariot. It was a great hand-on learning experience. Thank you for a memorable workshop!
Vicki CranSouth Plympton
My students look forward to this presentation all year! The hands on learning cannot be replicated in the classroom. After this celebration day, I can then invite the students to launch an investigation about a civilization which piqued their interest. It gives the students a frame of reference and an authentic taste of history!
Rebecca WilsonRosedale
This program is certainly one of the highlights of Grade 4 for our students. What they learn in one day from your program is amazing and couldn’t even be done in 6 weeks at school! The students learning on this day is so engaging and hands on. We look forward to your return next year. Thanks for a great day!
A. EberhardtOLI
Thank you for an amazing experience. The students had a great time and definitely learned a lot!
Carol FernandezSt. Matthews
The students enjoyed the informative + hands-on presentation!They loved trying out the armour + the costumes!Wearing the costumes was a definite highlight!Awesome feast! The students loved eating with their hands.
Tanya PlayerStoney Creek
Every year the students LOVE the medieval feast!
Krista WilliamsStoney Creek P.S.
We LOVE having Golden Gryphon come to Stoney Creek Public School. The food is DELICIOUS and the whole experience is very educational. The children always love it. We love having them every year. Thanks Ladies!
A. DaPratGuardian Angels
The best presentation I have ever been to for a school activity! So much to do and very engaging for students.
J. Ian TomasSt. Therese of Lisleaux
Students were very engaged; costumes were terrific. Activities were informative and fun.
Donna HillierErrol Road School
Well organized. Amazing information and materials for the students. My students were excited to wear the armour and ride the chariot. The hands on activities were perfect for my students.  We will definitely be booking you again.
Isabella BrownMatthew's Hall
"My students had a lovely time. They like the meal and trying on the costumes the best."
Kelly-Anne LemieuHigh Park P.S.
"Amazing presentation! Very engaging! Loved by all!!!"
Louise MarkovichHW Burgess
"Love love love this! This the second time I have done this with a grade 4 class. Next year I will try to have you out for ancient civilizations."