Thank you so much for booking a Golden Gryphon Medieval Educational Event. The following should be printed for reference.

Preparations that need to be made prior to our arrival:
1) We need a Lady-in-waiting, a Squire and a Friar to be chosen by the teacher or the class based on the code of Chivalry. These students are noted for doing noble deeds, helping, and respecting everyone.
2) One week prior, we also need to know the number of people who will be attending the feast.
3) Please encourage all people to be dressed for the feast. We provide a throne for the Queen/King (a royal burgundy robe and a crown).
4) Please choose a mystery guest. This should be an adult who works at the school. They will wear a hooded robe and a mask ( we will provide) and will come in about one half hour into our performance. The disguised guest will walk around the feast area as the children ask this person questions about their identity. The guest will only nod or shake their head in response. We will continue until their identity is determined. They will not take on a medieval persona: the children need to discover their true identity. Such a guest may be the janitor, the French teacher, principal, etc. Please do not pick anyone who would be determined easily by their stature.
5) Before the feast, please line up outside the Feast Room in order of social status of each child’s role- Queen/King first, peasants last. Please ensure that everyone has washed their hands well before the meal as they will be eating with their hands. We also provide napkins and fingerbowls. Once everyone is seated the last 5-10 students will be informed that they will be servants however they do not need to know this in advance. They will help distribute food to the table.
6) The Queen/King also needs to have consequences for any child who breaks the rules of the castle. Be imaginative as you know your students and what fun punishment would be appropriate- for example: recite a nursery rhyme, sing a song, ask for a ladies hand in marriage, compliment the King/Queen, etc. We will provide you with a list of suggestions.
7) Please note that we will need the “Feast Room” 2 hours prior to our program for setup. Please have the tables and chairs placed in the manner indicated below. Also we require a large garbage can.

When setting up the tables ensure there is enough room for us to teach the round dance at the conclusion of the feast. We will also need 3 8 foot tables for the food and sufficient outlets to accommodate 3 roasters. Each will need 120 AC outlet.

What we will provide for you:

Meal of : Roasted chicken drumsticks, glazed carrots, hearty bread, one mug full of grape juice, and one gingerbread shield cookie.


Nut Allergies- We do not have nuts in the ingredients of our food, but the bread and gingerbread are not from a “nut-free” bakery. Let us know if any of your children have nut allergies and we can arrange to have them served their bread and gingerbread from a “nut-free” facility

Throughout the meal there will be interesting dialogue about medieval life. The squire will be knighted by the Queen/King. The following are the lines to be read/recited at the ceremony. Don’t worry, you will be summoned when you are to come forth. There will be a copy of your lines at the Head table

Squire kneels, Queen/King- “Squire _______ , today you are being knighted because you have learned the noble skills of knighthood. You have proven yourself brave in the battlefield and have held onto the virtues of chivalry. You have been honorable. You have treated women with respect and protected the weak. (taps shoulders with stage sword) I dub thee, Sir _________. Arise Sir Knight.” (hand knight sword) 

Also the Friar will be asked to bless the meal. The prayer he can read is as follows:
“In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Thank you for this food, Bless the Queen/King and our kingdom. In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen. “
In addition  a song will be sung, a multiple choice game played, a hawk matching game and riddles will be told.
At the conclusion of the meal the students will be divided into groups for learning a round dance, trying on medieval armour, and archery.
If you have any questions please feel free to phone at (519) 287-5513 or our cell (519) 319-4563.

You may wish to print the following response sheet for your students:
Medieval Event Student Response Sheet